A recent Daily editorial offered welcome support for a gender-neutral housing option at the University (Opposites attract, 10/12/2009).

More than 35 years ago, the Intercooperative Council offered to provide a “gay co-op” for lesbian and gay male student occupancy. Fearing that residents in a designated “gay co-op” might be harassed, the Ann Arbor Gay Liberation Front suggested that all co-ops welcome lesbian and gay male residents.

Today, some co-ops may house one or several LBGTQ students. I am not aware that such students have experienced stigma or assault in their residential settings. Were a co-op to be designated as “queer,” “LGBTQ” or “gay,” I hope its residents would be safe from harassment. The University must continue to provide education on concerns of gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation in support of the diversity that enhances our environment.

Jim Toy
The letter-writer is the co-founder of the Spectrum Center.

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