To the Daily:

I was so excited to see that the Daily decided to cover the Buju Banton concert controversy, and I appreciate the attention to LGBT issues on campus (Blind Pig: Controversial act still on, 09/30/2009). But I was very disappointed in what was missing from the article. I can see the value in including the perspective of Ms. Woods in the discussion, but her statements completely misrepresent the complexity of this issue. I wish your writer had done his own research to counter them.

Buju Banton still performs, and proudly references, “Boom Bye-Bye,” which clearly contradicts the argument that he has moved away from the beliefs he held when he wrote it 20 years ago. Also, since his signing of the Reggae Compassion Act two years ago, he has publicly denied signing it so that he can continue to include hate speech in his performances.

Your article concerns me because it plays directly into a troubling trend on campus, which is to discount LGBT activism as whiny, petty and over-reactive. We did do our research. We live this hate every day, and we have the right to speak out about it.

Diana Parrish
School of Social Work

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