During my four years at Michigan, I saw my fair share of the Daily. I saw stories about sports teams, the Greek community, religious communities and the University administration. Even as an alum, I try to browse the electronic version a few times a week.

Friday morning, I was appalled to not see a story on anything related to Transgender Remembrance Day or find anything about Transgender Awareness Week anywhere in last week’s Daily.

I remember that at this time a year ago Cayden Mak wrote a letter to the editor voicing his concern that the transgender community at the University was simply looked over and seemingly unimportant (Daily fails to do its part for awareness, 11/26/2007). At the time, I was willing to admit that perhaps the Daily staff had no knowledge of the events. I found it to be a bit absurd, as I worked for weeks on stencils for the Diag and fliers for Transgender Awareness Week and Remembrance Day, but I was willing to concede that at the time.

However, a year later, I am unwilling to believe that after the Daily printed at least two replies to Mak’s original letter and a viewpoint written by Brett Beckerson on the topic (Transgender issues unfairly downplayed, 12/10/2007), that the Daily staff is still ignorant of the event and the importance to many members of the campus community.

I hope you are ashamed of yourselves for not understanding the importance of transgender issues in our society. Social issues like hate crimes against transgendered persons, transgender suicides and social inequality for the transgender community are important and should be recognized. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” So, please, stop playing ignorant.

Whitney Markell

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