I found Tuesday’s article about the College Republicans’ participation in Gayz Craze to be an alarming statement on our current political climate. While I am happy to see that the College Republicans are making small steps toward equality, I believe that their participation in an event supporting LGBTQ inclusion and acceptance while not actually endorsing gay rights is disingenuous. This event serves as a reminder of the Republican party’s recent track record of excluding and ignoring the rights of gay Americans. At last week’s convention, Mitt Romney and the GOP adopted a platform which solidifies their commitment to “preserving and protecting traditional marriage,” while denying the rights of LGBTQ individuals and families. Individual members and organizations within the party may be making small steps toward equality, but participation in a university’s LGBTQ event doesn’t indicate a party’s full acceptance of civil liberties for a large segment of the American population.

The article failed to mention the Gayz Craze participation of the College Democrats at the University of Michigan, presumably because of the party’s proven commitment to LGBTQ issues. President Obama has proven himself as a leader who is dedicated to ensuring that all Americans, regardless of their sexual orientation or identification, are given the same opportunities. From ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, to openly discussing his support for same sex marriage, the president has made giant leaps forward in the struggle for equality in our nation. At this critical junction in our history, it would be easy to fall back into the status quo, but we must strive onward to ensure a brighter future for America. As we move toward the November election, it’s important that voters hold our leaders and political parties accountable for broadening acceptance and improving opportunities for our nation’s citizens.

Lauren Coffman
LS&A Senior

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