To the Daily:

After the sun goes down and the traffic has subsided, the time is right. Equipped with a bucket of chalk and a catchy phrase, most all student organizations have done it.

Chalking the Diag to promote an event, donut sale or just to tell passersby to have a great day can be a very quick and effective way to get your message out. And most students don’t mind it. It gives us something to look at on the cold, dismal trek to class at 8:15 a.m. on a Mondays. It’s a constantly changing news feed that updates every two to three days depending on the placement and the rainfall — unless it’s spray paint.

I have nothing against the Indian American Student Association and I loved the cultural show they put on, but over three weeks after their advertisements first appeared across campus, they are all still as prominent as ever. Everyone who walks by still reads that they can buy tickets for the “IASA SHOW AT HILL AUDITORIUM 11/13/09!” The fact that “TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE AT MUTO” has been ingrained in my mind in orange spray paint graffiti. I understand that it may be frustrating if you have to re-chalk your ad two or three times to keep it standing out if you want to start advertising a week in advance, but it is just disrespectful to use spray paint on such a Michigan staple and tradition as the Diag.

The deed is done, and there is no use crying over spilled milk, but I at least think IASA should take responsibility for its action and clean it up. It is one thing to want to promote your event, but seriously? This is Michigan. Expect Respect.

Justin Blaty
LSA sophomore

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