I have two questions in response to an article in yesterday’s paper (The CCRB is out of shape, 4/14/09). What is this $100 fee they might charge for new recreation facilities? Would it be optional for students? Probably not.

We need to focus on improving access to education here, or making it easier to register for the classes you want or reducing text book prices, not improving our recreation facilities when they are already bigger and better than those of other schools. The CCRB has weights, treadmills, machines, courts, etc. What more do you need? If you want a health club, go pay for a membership at one of the many pay-for-use gyms in Washtenaw county. What I want from the University is a world-class education, not state-of-the-art elliptical machines. This is another example of the University wanting to make itself look good superficially at the cost of education. I wonder how the proposed new facilities might relate to the recruitment of better athletes to improve the athletic programs (read: money-making programs) here.

Erin Green
LSA junior

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