I found Will Butler’s editorial (Rick Skywalker, 1/5/2011) on Governor Snyder’s inauguration to be both comical (partying Ewoks) and appropriate (demand results from political agents). However, as a “strongly-committed Democrat,” he chose to spend time waxing about President Barack Obama and national politics rather than focuse on the problem we have in this state. Where were Butler and his Democrats during the two terms of the ineffective Granholm administration? Butler’s commitment to party identification is stronger than his commitment to holding the political elite accountable. Those Michiganders seeking work and opportunity want to know as we “relax in our Adirondack chairs” after having been “blown away.” It’s time to stop loving our politicians and time to demand that they do the work — and starry-eyed supporters of Snyder need to know that the state’s dysfunction will be difficult to overcome — and that we no longer have time for those elected officials who cannot perform the tasks for which they were elected.

John Laich
University alum

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