I write to you first and foremost as true music “obsesser.” I am constantly on the prowl for new sounds and new artists, appreciating both the production of an album and the artists themselves. I found the Daily’s review of the new Britney Spears’s album “Circus” horribly shallow in any depth (Another ‘Circus’ act, 12/03/2008).

Instead of truly reviewing the album, David Riva chose to rely on his prejudice against the now self-proclaimed “Queen of Pop.” It doesn’t seem as if he actually listened to the CD in the first place. There wasn’t a single mention to any of the truly amazing production that went into the album.

I’ll admit, I am a Britney fan, however that alone would not make me love this album. What made me love this album was its sound. Ignoring the lyrics and paying attention to the actual sounds puts this album well above the circus of albums out there. The album has modern, experimental sounds and still caters to the classic Britney fan.

Additionally, Riva’s comments on the lyrics were just plain naïve. “Blur” clearly isn’t a song about how crazy Britney’s life is. The song is about how truly messed up she was before. “My Baby” is a ballad to her two children and lacks the production quality of the rest of the CD because her children are the focus of the song. It’s simple. “Circus” is the title to reflect the utter circus her life has become.

Overall, this CD is full of honesty and amazing dance beats. Please have your reviewers first listen to the CD and second go into it with an open heart.

Chris LeClair
LSA junior

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