I’ve been hearing a lot about birth control lately — give us more access to it, make it cheaper, put comprehensive sex education programs in high schools and so forth (Back under control, 04/02/2009). In response, I’d like to point out a very simple fact that seems to get lost in the topic of sex, contraception and pregnancy.

Every time you have sex, you could get (or make someone else) pregnant. No matter what precautions you take and no matter how infallible you think birth control methods are, sex between a man and a woman can result in pregnancy. Once a woman is pregnant, the birth control argument is irrelevant — the pill or a condom certainly won’t do anything to undo the pregnancy.

What’s a woman to do once she’s pregnant? If she feels alone, scared, desperate, unready and unable to care for a child, she may feel forced into an abortion. Most people will say that it would be ideal to reduce the number of abortions. But when conventional birth control methods fail, does abortion become another form of birth control — last resort, certainly, but nonetheless a method to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy?

There is a certain danger in making abortion into a method of birth control chosen by scared and lonely women. Most women who have an abortion feel they have no choice — and if abortion is the only “choice,” it’s not a choice. Give women a choice — give them support, love, resources and accommodations so they can reasonably choose among the different options.

Lea Wojciechowski
LSA junior

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