The article “Students frustrated by lack of accommodations during trip to Punta Cana” gives a version of these guys’ vacation that, in our opinion, is far from objective. Therefore, I’d like to make the following points:

1. The tour operators didn’t make reservations for all students as a group, but from different sources and as individuals, taken one by one.

2. Student City didn’t specify the means of payment, so up to two days before the arrival of the students they hadn’t made reservations.

3. That once students arrived in Punta Cana all possible solutions to house the group were examined. Returning home was not supported, so Student City was to host the party in the Presidential Suites complex.

4. The huge consumption of alcohol by students caused some ugly incidents to the hotel and its customers. For example: Constant fights among students, “nudist shows” in the facilities of a hotel which, as the article describes, is usually frequented by families with children, and damage to several public areas — such as broken windows, broken furniture, doors broken off their hinges and so on.

Clearly, things weren’t done right from the start. We try to mitigate the problem if possible, and we suffered the consequences. I assure you that in this story we are victims, not perpetrators.

Julio Fernández
BeLive Hotels Director of Communication

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