Recently I read William Petrich’s Personal Statement about his experience living in Baits I (Baits won, 11/19/2008), and I would have to say that I am horrified that the Daily would print an article so full of lies. First, I worked at the Baits front desk, and I remember the author. As he described in his article, Petrich did receive a lot of mail, but most of it was letters. Though he wrote that while he lived at Baits he his family was “no longer able to send me mail,” I remember that he continued to get mail the entire year.

Also, contrary to Petrich’s description, the buses don’t take an hour on the weekends. This is just a myth that students who don’t like living on North Campus make up. A bus may take 25 minutes, but it is not like you have to wait in the cold. The bus stop is very close to the door so you can just run out when you see it. As far as the North Star goes, it is open on weekends. It is misleading to say that it “closes on the weekends” because all dining halls “close” at some point during the weekend.

Lastly, Petrich described how the police knocked on his door and entered without approval, but this had nothing to do with living in Baits. That could have happened at any residence hall.

Printing Petrich’s article tarnished the Daily’s reputation. I know he was upset about not being placed on Central, but come on, these lies were extreme.

Melissa Green
LSA senior

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