In the wake of Tom Daschle’s withdrawal from his director of the Department of Health and Human Services nomination, and as other high-profile political officials such as Bill Richardson and Nancy Killefer have been forced to drop out of the limelight due to similar scrutiny, isn’t it time we examine our officials before they come under review for high-profile jobs?

People failed to realize these things were happening before the people in question were up for nomination. While Bill Richardson was preaching about how public officials need to do what is best for the people, he was kicking back contracts to political supporters. Tom Daschle was the Senate majority leader while he failed to declare more than $80,000 in income in 2007. For anyone else, this is called tax evasion. For politicians, it’s an, “Oops, sorry.” This is beyond unacceptable. Just imagine the skeletons we don’t find among our other 535+ public servants.

Asa Smith is an LSA freshman.

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