In his viewpoint, William Butler calls Catholicism a “hateful and bigoted religion” because it doesn’t “offer a sign of openness” even though a “growing number of people will continue to support the morality of homosexuality and ordination of women and gay clergy” (Losing faith in the papacy, 11/08/2009). But as usual in these cases, Butler does not mention other religions such as Islam. In some Muslim countries, gays are executed and women are treated like property. For Butler, at least they are not bigoted and hateful Catholics.

Like any other institution, the Catholic Church has a group of principles that are the roots and the foundation upon which it exists and works. These foundations are focused on two goals: The defense of the dignity of any living creature and the defense of life as the most basic of all the rules. No change is negotiable.

The other principles, despite what critics can say, have been adapted to social changes (the Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican and acceptance of scientific facts are good recent examples). However, these changes are not based on temporary fashions or the wish and caprice of a certain group. The Catholic Church has existed for 2,000 years because its message is universal and valid for any time despite the social conditions at a particular point in history.

Roberto de la Salud Bea
Department of Chemistry

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