With regard to a recent article about women’s tennis (Doubles woes continue at No. 3 in weekend split, 02/09/2009), I am very disappointed in the Daily’s inability to convey correct information. I also want to state my anger with the Daily portraying a rough start to a season in the wrong light.

Lindsey Howard and I have only played three doubles matches together this season since I have came back to play. And it was not a “lingering wrist injury that kept me out for a few weeks”. I had surgery and have been out for almost two months. I’ve been struggling to come back, but it’s only been a few weeks. It is unprofessional to focus only on the negatives when I’m coming back from surgery — a fact the article ignored.

There was also no mention of how well I performed last year. The article only considered this year’s record. It’s upsetting that all the hard work, effort and emotion that Howard and I put into matches was downgraded.

I don’t understand why this article was so negative since our team has reached the 18th spot, something a university hasn’t achieved for awhile. I would like to know why the Daily would show such negativity toward sports when student athletes put so much time into our athletics and schoolwork.

Denise Muresan
LSA sophomore and women’s tennis player

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