Change in Action Party to bring change to MSA

To the Daily:

I wholeheartedly agree with Dave Mekelburg’s column Friday about the Michigan Student Assembly: Scandal in the student government is unacceptable, and something must be done to change it (How you can fix MSA, 03/14/2008). But what he wrongly implied was that no one cares enough to create another party. Some students have already seen the need to change MSA and decided to do something about it. That’s where the Change in Action Party comes in.

The Change in Action Party is focused on avoiding distracting scandals while getting things done in student government. Its primary goal is to give students what they want – namely, change. I mean, who else never wants to see another Daily article on the MSA president creating an offensive Facebook group? CIA wants to do a better job of representing students on campus by finding out what you want and delivering rather than being sidetracked by internal problems. It sounds just like what our country’s government was meant to be: for the people, by the people.

CIA’s candidates, Amy Leder and Dave King, want to bring new people, ideas and energy to MSA. While the Michigan Action Party’s overwhelming majority creates an atmosphere where the status quo is rarely challenged, new blood in student government will finally effect change.

Honestly, everyone’s been complaining about MSA. I hear it all the time, especially in articles and letters to the editor in the Daily. So if you’re passionate enough to criticize it, you’re passionate enough to change things. And here’s the great thing: All it takes is a vote. Please vote CIA in the MSA elections on March 19 and 20.

To learn more about the CIA, go to their website at

Aimee Bowen

LSA freshman

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