Israel needs wall to protect itself against terror

To the Daily:

Imagine that continuously, for four years, your home was
attacked by suicide bombers, snipers and bombs. Would you allow
this to continue on forever? Or find a safe way to secure your
house from attacks? Israel has chosen the latter.

One cannot legitimately attack the necessity of the security
fence to maintain Israeli security and protects its citizens
against the continuous threat of Palestinian terror. However, Fadi
Kiblawi seems to think that the security fence doesn’t work
in keeping Israel safe (‘U’ alum arrested for
protest in West Bank
, 7/6/04). However, the fence works very
well in protecting the lives of all Israeli citizens from the
Palestinian terror that has been destroying the country for its
entire existence.

The security fence saves innocent Israeli lives, whether they
are Arab, Jewish or Christian, from being blown up in restaurants,
shopping malls or at universities. In the year since the northern
portion of the fence was finished, the amount of completed
Palestinian terrorist attacks in that area has fallen by 90
percent, and the amount of victims has decreased by 70 percent. All
this time, the amounts of attempted attacks by the Palestinians
continue to increase. The right of a country to protect its
citizens, which this security fence does, justifies its

While the plight of the Palestinian people is a horrible one,
and it is unfortunate that they are inconvenienced by the fence,
the poor and selfish Palestinian leadership needs to make a larger
attempt at halting terrorism and providing for its own people.
Yasser Arafat, instead of providing plumbing, electricity,
hospitals and schools for his people, lives in a multi-million
dollar compound, has hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign aid
stashed in foreign banks and has his wife and daughter living on
$100,000 a month in Paris. All this while his people starve and
resort to terrorism to achieve what their leadership won’t
give them. Israel has tried to achieve peace with her neighbors for
many years, yet the Palestinian leadership has fought back
legitimate and fair agreements at every opportunity, most recently
at Camp David in 2000. Instead of engaging in this peace agreement,
they began the newest round of almost four years of Palestinian
terrorism on Israeli society.

The fence can be taken down in a day if the terrorism stops, and
when that joyful day comes, it will be taken down. Until then,
Israel will continue its right to protect itself from the daily
threat of terrorism against all of its citizens. A fence can be
torn down, but terror victims can never be brought back.

Alana Kuhn

LSA sophomore

Co-chair, American Movement for Israel

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