Basement Arts doesn’t deserve prof’s criticism

To the Daily:
I was recently made aware of Professor Edward Domino’s letter to the editor (With obscenity, Walgreen Center play fails to live up to its potential, 02/23/07) by a fellow theatre student. There are many words I could chose to describe Professor Domino’s reaction to the play “Shopping & F**king,” but I believe ignorant is the most appropriate one.

There are two facts that.Domino ought to know. First, Basement Arts is an entirely student run group. The faculty of the Theatre and Drama Department is not associated with any production put on by Basement Arts – unless the play is also a senior directing thesis like “Life is a Dream,” which performed the weekend before “Shopping & F**king.”

“Shopping and F**king” was not a senior directing thesis. To be perfectly clear, the most professors involve themselves with a Basement Arts production is by simply attending. Second, it is a general rule in theatre not to alter the playwright’s words. Whether or not it is for the purpose of censorship, editing a script alters the author’s meaning. Not only is editing a script illegal, but also it is disrespectful.

Domino has the right to speak his mind. It is fine if he did not enjoy this production of “Shopping and F**king.” That is his opinion. But by encouraging censorship and blaming the faculty of the Theatre and Drama Department, he steps beyond mere criticism. By placing blame and furthermore sending a letter to The Michigan Daily, he is making an attack.

Liam White
Theater and Drama sophomore

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