B-side writer misunderstands meaning of Hanukkah

To the Daily:

The essay in this week’s B-side A reconciliation with Hanukah (12/07/2006) is absurd and reflects the writer’s lack of understanding about this special holiday. It’s terribly unfortunate that the writer hasn’t a clue as to the meaning of Hanukkah.

An abundance of decorations would not enhance the meaning of Hanukkah. It is unimportant to the those who celebrate of the Jewish holiday that radio stations do not play Hanukkah music 24 hours a day. Rather, Hanukkah – which means dedication – is about spending time with family and friends. Hanukkah is about celebrating the countless miracles and blessings in our lives. Despite what the author says, the fact that Hanukkah is not very commercialized does nothing to diminish its significance as a treasured holiday. It is already that, and it will always be.

Carrie Dubin
LSA freshman

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