LSA-SG is not the same as MSA, has proven more effective
for students

To the Daily:

In your news article (Exec. board controversy occurs at MSA
meeting, 04/14/04
) about student governments, you represented
LSA Student Government in the exact light that our executive board
has deemed most detrimental to the government of LSA. Under the
stated headline, the Daily included a section on the LSA Judiciary
and its intentions stating, “The judiciary will help to
distinguish LSA-SG from MSA.” However, the reporters clearly
missed the intent of the judiciary, implying that LSA-SG is not
worthy of its own headline.

The LSA judiciary was recreated — it has been as it stands
in our constitution since 1996 — to further differentiate us
from the Michigan Student Assembly and allow LSA-SG to hold a
judiciary that would oversee its own matters instead of using
MSA’s Central Student Judiciary. Through this, we believe
that we become a more effective government, worthy of its own
article explaining the progress we are working toward.

LSA-SG has done much in recent years to meet students’
needs. Four years ago, LSA-SG established academic minors, which
are now regularly used by students. Through its efforts this year,
LSA-SG has successfully lobbied for two unique international
relations minors — tentatively ready in Winter 2005 —
with the construction of a major in the works. We have also worked
hard for more representation on faculty committees, holding seats
on the admissions committee, curriculum committee and academic
judiciary committee to represent student interests. Our student
life committee was responsible for the new seats on which students
sit when in the Angell Hall Fishbowl.

We are not your over-political MSA that debates the occupation
in Iraq. We don’t appoint our executives based on party
favors, nor do we allow the party system to infiltrate our
government. Our intent lies with helping the student body, many
times in the academic arena, allowing students to experience
tangible effects on their experience at the University before
graduating. Connected thoroughly to the student body, we are the
only government that stands outside on the Diag regularly looking
for suggestions as to how our government can help you. Simply put,
we care about you, attempting to create active nonpartisan change
on the campus.

Our time and effort devoted equals, if not exceeds, that of MSA.
As such, we believe we deserve better coverage than what we were
afforded under an unrelated headline. We ask for recognition as a
legitimate, separate government that is unique from MSA. And in
return, we will continue to provide you with the progress that MSA
continually has failed to provide.

Executive Board

LSA Student Government

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