Eyes, not ears, deceive frat boy reading the Daily

To the Daily:

Do my ears deceive me, or is The Michigan Daily actually trying to say the Greek System can do something good for this campus/community? Too many times I have read articles in this literary masterpiece that were very skewed and sometimes completely untrue about things that are going on or have gone on in the Greek system over my three years on campus. Dare I classify the Daily as anti-Greek? After Greek members all over campus have read some of your “articles” or whatever the Daily chooses to call them, now you want our help? (Rushing to take action, 10/12/2005). It’s funny how such an “influential” paper such as the Daily should change its tune when it realizes how big of a force the Greek community actually is. The Daily claims that if we advocate for later lease signing that we would be benefiting the most because this would allow us to also “push” rush back until the winter semester, therefore allotting a better rush. Although on the surface (which is how the Daily describes most topics), this seems like a good idea, it really is not – if it was don’t you think the Greek system would be doing it already? Having early rush is a great way for Greek houses to get new members in and solidify their membership into the bonds of whichever house they so choose. This is a positive thing for the smaller Greek houses because it allows them to pick from the new crop of freshman just like any other house. My house has a pledge class of 22 and I am damn proud to say that this is directly related to a great house of brothers and early rushing. Delaying rush would almost certainly hurt the rush of smaller houses on campus because it allows the biggest houses to throw parties all of first semester and in a sense gain more pledges that would have joined other houses.

Secondly, delaying rush hurts the greek system because a lot of the pledges who choose early rush have friends that are still waiting to decide whether or not to join a Greek house. If their friends hear about all the fun they are having during pledge term they are more likely to join during the winter rush program that is already a part of the Greek system. Thirdly, as students go into their second and third years on campus, they are less likely to rush. Having an early rush helps to prevent this type of thing from happening – the earlier their exposure to Greek life the better. Fourthly, the Greek system itself has been declining on campus the past four years according to my knowledge and that’s with both fall and winter rush programs. What does the Daily expect to happen if we take one of those programs out of the picture? In closing, the Greek system on campus does not need a campus newspaper to tell it the good and bad sides of delaying rush until the winter, or tell us anything for that matter. If you want the Greek system to come together and help out the student body just ask us, I am sure a lot of houses on campus would be more than willing. Do not try and strike up the cause by saying that this lease signing proposal would allow us to have a better rush, because rush has finally gone back up, no thanks to the Daily.

Paul W. Short, II

LSA senior

The letter writer is a “Proud Card Carrying Member of Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Inc.”



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