A2, nation apathetic

To the Daily:

I am hopeful that this recent primary will help people recognize a problem that exists across our entire nation: a lack of voter participation. Less than 8 percent of registered voters exercised their voice in this recent primary. That is simply pathetic. We claim to live in a representative democracy, but when so few citizens participate, our government ceases to function properly. I worked very hard last fall registering people to vote and then following up to make sure that they attended the polls. That work should be unnecessary. Citizens of this nation should all register to vote in high school, be informed of elections well in advance, and cast their ballots every time a question is presented to them. Unfortunately this is not the case. Some suggest that the problem is that the voters are too lazy or indifferent to care. Others say that the media is at fault. Still others claim that the date of the primary is the reason so few showed up. I would agree with all these points. But the fact is we have nobody to blame but ourselves. We have abandoned our right to complain to the City Council by not participating. Before we can gain legitimacy in Ann Arbor we must demonstrate that we are serious enough to fill in a few bubbles. Similarly, our demands in Lansing and Washington will be met with deaf ears until we consistently participate in every election. We may not win every battle, but we will be given a seat at the table. So I ask that you take a moment and make a promise to yourself and your city, state and country that you will vote from now on.


Oz Hazel

Law School

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