There is no moral victory in a loss

To the Daily:

I cannot tell you how sick and tired I am of reading crap like this (What does a moral victory look like?, 02/09/2005). A moral victory? Are you kidding me? Maybe next time, we should throw the team a parade down State Street. Moral victory? I would love to know Megan Kolodgy’s athletic background because anyone that has ever played competitive sports knows that when you play a person/team that is recognized as being “the best,” you are then compelled to play your best because there is no pressure. Did this Michigan team come out of the locker room thinking it had to win? Of course not. It came out relaxed, knowing that no one was even giving them a chance. Better yet, it probably knew that no one was even watching this pathetic nationally televised game. Moral victory? How is the word “victory” in this saying when Michigan lost?

Moral victory? This team is way over ever deserving a moral victory. These players  have been in the system now for one or two years. I have yet to see one person improve.  Coach Tommy Amaker, who I think is a great person and role model, is absolutely clueless as a coach.  He recruits great players, but cannot develop them. Think I’m wrong? See Seton Hall! Great players, but he took them nowhere.

I can go on and on about this, but what’s the point? The Daily sportswriters will just publish their usual fluff about how this basketball team is battling through tough times. You know, what you all need to do is get a life.  Stop being positive when we don’t perform up to expectations. Stop making excuses for our teams. And stop being afraid of not getting an interview with a player after you wrote something bad about him.

If not, keep writing about these “moral victories.”  Because just as the basketball team, you will be going nowhere!

Michael Patton


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