Three things happen every year in MSA: people hand out pink fliers with the same promises in order to get elected, the election turnout is bemoaned and MSA passes resolutions that have nothing at all to do with their mandate (such as the recent one on the Israeli-Gaza Conflict). And all three of these things are intrinsically linked. The reason there is bad election turnout every year is because MSA never fulfills any of the promises made by those elected. That is in part due to the large amount of time spent arguing and making resolutions, especially ones that are controversial which they have no control over. It is understandable that MSA members want to take stances on certain positions and have people listen to their opinions — we all do. However, they are not representing the majority of students by doing so. The majority, I am sure, would rather have them improve student life at Michigan in concrete and doable ways. Here is a lesson in leadership — you should do the job you are elected to do before assuming other responsibilities. If they are unable to do this, then their next resolution should be in favor of “economic stimulus,” and they should send us all our eight dollars back.

Ben Cousineau
LSA junior

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