It is liberals, not Bush supporters, who actually need to
‘grow up’

To the Daily:

In response to the short viewpoint (Weighing in on the
results; Ohio sux
, 11/03/04) in which Daniel Adams states that
the majority of the country (the red states) had a lot of growing
up to do, I say it is the other way around: He needs to grow

I am a conservative and am proud of the fact that I voted for
President Bush. However, in the wake of a decisive Bush victory,
apparently my vote stands for hate, oppression and incompetence.
While I find those claims laughable, what I do not find funny is
the lack of political tolerance from the far Left. After reading
the, anger-filled editorials yesterday, peoples away messages on
Instant Messenger and through heated conversations with my peers, I
found out that if you’re not a liberal and do not think like
them, you’re either stupid or you need to grow up.

These generalities offend me greatly, because quite frankly, I
feel like I made a very informed and smart choice that reflects my
values and concerns for this country. While I was always interested
in discussing why some of my peers voted for Kerry through talking
about the issues, I never once stooped to the level of calling them
stupid or idiotic because they don’t believe in the same
things that I do. A vote is one’s personal choice, and as
long as they were informed about why they were voting for their
candidate, I wasn’t going to insult them for voting in what
they believe in.

I find it very ironic that certain people of a political party
that was powered by a mass hatred of one candidate, and apparently
now the people who voted for him, are telling me to grow up. Based
on some of the reactions from some (and I emphasize some) Kerry
supporters that America is going into hell, we’re all going
to get drafted, the apocalypse is upon us, it appears that it is
they who need to grow up and stop with the political slander and
personal insults toward the 59,136,494 (as of today) Americans who
voted for President Bush.

Jeff Spencer

Kinesiology sophomore

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