Out-of-state students ignorant about local issues, should not
vote on them

To the Daily:

The Daily has done a very good job of informing voters about
their rights in registering and voting, and for that they should be
commended. However, the Daily failed to inform people that they do
not have to fill out their entire ballot for it to be counted. You
are able to vote for the presidential candidates and turn in your
ballot, without ever voting for the local positions or proposals.
If you are not from this area, and especially if you are not from
Michigan, I urge you to take this approach.

Those of us who have lived in Michigan for more than six years
have learned much more about the issues that face the voters than
those of you who have simply been reading the Daily for the past
six weeks. When the Daily presents the issues facing the voters, as
it did in the voting guide, there is a noticeable slant and failure
to provide effective arguments for both sides. Since these guides
are listed as “opinion” they have the right to do that,
but it means that the voter only gets one side of the story.

So I implore that you do not vote on the proposals or for the
local representatives, senators and boards. By all means vote for
the next president of the United States and for the next University
Board of Regents, as they are directly involved in the University,
but do not vote a party line or for what sounds good for the state.
Believe me, if you are from New York or Nebraska, we have different
views on issues and long-term residents should have the right to
express what they want the future course of their state to be, not
temporary residents who will likely have left the state in five
years. So be you Republican, Democrat, Green or Libertarian, please
do not vote on issues that you do not understand or for people who
will make decisions that will not affect you.

Brian McNally

Engineering freshman

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