MSA has once again proved itself irrelevant in the face of pressing student issues today. At this week’s meeting, they spent hours on end debating a resolution dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Undoubtedly, the conflict is of severe international concern and we hope President Obama confronts the issue early in his administration. Forgive us, however, if we think it ridiculous that he might consult with the Michigan Student Assembly when formulating his foreign policy.

Muggings are on the rise in student housing areas this year — why aren’t we spending more time improving the lighting for our streets? Robberies over winter break increased significantly from a year ago — why hasn’t MSA been working with the Ann Arbor Police Department to try and curb this epidemic? The state legislature is considering significant budget cuts to higher education — who will be our voice? We realize the situation in Gaza and Israel affects students on this campus emotionally and that many have family and friends in the region, but MSA representatives were elected to deal with campus issues, not international ones. Yes, MSA has a responsibility to take positions on situations directly affecting the University community, but when MSA simply becomes a sounding board for ideological debate, it has most certainly lost its relevance as a representative of the student body dealing with student issues.

Richard Kallus and Jeremy Borovitz
Kallus is an LSA freshman and Borovitz is a Public Policy senior

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