Daily’s coverage of Middle East sensational, does not
give peace due attention


To the Daily:

When I looked at the front page of Wednesday’s Daily, it
made me pause. The previous night, as I remember it, two separate
events took place that were both connected to the situation in the
Middle East. Yet only one was reported the next day (Scholar
criticizes Israel’s policies
, 09/15/04).

The story that was published reported on a scholar who lambasted
Israel’s apartheid policies and covered only one side of the

Over in Rackham Auditorium, a former Israeli soldier and a
former member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization shared
with the audience how they had found peace with each other through
Christianity. Included in the presentation were the stories of how
many in Israel and Palestine were learning to coexist and even love
each other as brothers.

The Daily’s reporters were there. One continually took
photos of the speakers while the other interviewed people in the
auditorium. Yet nothing appeared in the paper the next day, or even
the day after that.

Now I ask, which one was the more newsworthy and groundbreaking
story? Surely that peace can be achieved in an area torn by war.
But why would such a story not be told by the Daily? Why would the
Daily rather print an inflammatory article about racism in Israel?
And why is a peaceful solution through religion something that has
become taboo?

Brian McNally

LSA freshman

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