Communications Department does not care about students, course offerings insufficient

To the Daily:

I am a last semester senior majoring in Communication Studies. With only a semester left at Michigan, I am highly disappointed; the Communications Department has shortchanged my education. As a senior major with 117 credits, I expected to finally be able to get into the department classes that I have spent four years and $50 thousand dollars trying to take. But instead of completing my education, I have been confronted with closed classes, full waitlists and an understaffed department that seems unwilling to offer me the education I deserve. The Communications Department must, by now, know what its most popular classes are – some classes have full waitlists only hours after registration begins. Why are these classes so small and so rarely offered? Every semester the same three classes are never full (Comm. 481, 482, and 484), but these are offered every single semester. Useful classes like Comm. 468 are offered to only 13 students, and only in Winter Semester. I am certain that Comm. majors would prefer larger class sizes than are currently offered, if only because it allows for us to actually take the class. It drives me crazy to think that I will have wasted my time in classes that I took simply to fill my schedule, while better classes went untaught. Courses that would have accentuated my intellectual growth and professional career go on without me in them while I waste my time in a third- or fourth-choice course – and I was one of the first to register! I am personally ashamed to be a part of the Communications Department. The faculty and staff have no appreciation for the students that make the department possible, and are arrogantly oblivious to their students’ needs. I understand the department is pitifully understaffed, but this its your problem, not mine.

I will graduate this April and go off into the work force, and every time I feel uninformed or unknowledgeable, I will make sure to thank God I chose the aloof, understaffed, mismanaged University of Michigan Communications Department. This University and this department have done nothing but waste my time, my money, and my hard work, and all I have received is a second-rate education that has thoroughly under-prepared me for the workplace.

Stephen M. Rozewski

LSA senior

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