Daily editorial attempted to disrupt the goals of Anti-War Action student group

To the Daily:

The Nov. 11 staff editorial, “Divided and conquered” is appropriately titled. The editorial presents a blatant example of the divisive manipulations many Daily writers employ, and the reason so many progressive organizations have joined together to boycott the Daily.

The editorial decries those groups (Muslim Students Association, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality and Students for Choice) who are apparently diverting attention from opposition to the war in Iraq. Three of those groups (not MSA) are actually boycotting the Daily, which conveniently results in either unchallenged misrepresentations or a temporary break against the boycott.

I have contacted the founders of Anti-War Action, who like us, are appalled that someone would claim to represent AWA in order to throw asunder the important alliances that have been built among them, ADC, SAFE and SFC.

The writers claim that SFC seeks to push its own “far-fetched agenda” in relation to the anti-war movement. In fact, SFC organized and funded the Day of Action on Halloween, an event designed to discuss the diverse ramifications of U.S. foreign policy and military practices, which for SFC meant discussing the reproductive health restrictions in the military and the health ramifications for women and children during war-time. The editorial misrepresented our actions and falsely suggested that feminism is irrelevant to discussions of war.

Leave it to the Daily to claim for themselves the priorities of anti-war activism by determining those who can and cannot be anti-war and what issues can or cannot be discussed. War is intensely diverse in its ramifications, since it frequently destroys the entire infrastructure of nations. It is also diverse in its associations, and it is not only silly, but detrimental, to claim that certain concerns must by entirely excluded in order to focus on others.

Katrina Mann


Students for Choice, Graduate Student Liason

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