Shirvell missed point of Daily abortion editorial

To the Daily:

This letter is in response to Andrew Shirvell”s letter “Pregnancy centers provide alternative” (1/17/02) I believe he has missed the point of the editorial, “Licensed to Ill” (1/16/02). The Daily wanted to point out the unethical behavior of our legislators. By promoting one political viewpoint and raising money for that group, the State of Michigan”s government is not governing but dictating the agenda of the citizens of this state. If the government offers the “Choose Life” plates, it is making a statement to the rest of the country, saying all citizens of this state are pro-life and anti-choice.

Shirvell, also, has to realize that the “hundreds of millions of federal tax dollars” Planned Parenthood receives does not provide funding for abortions. Instead, the monies are used to promote reproductive choice and health in the form of education, contraception, STD prevention, prenatal and postnatal care, and reproductive health choices that best suit a woman. Pro-life groups receive just as much funding, maybe even more, than pro-choice groups. I wonder if he knows what type of information women get at crisis pregnancy centers.

Their advertisements mislead women to believe that all options, including abortion, will be covered in the information the clinic hands out. Unlike other legitimate health care clinics, these centers are not government regulated, thus requiring them not to give accurate information on all options, especially abortion.

Christina Kuo

LSA junior

The writer is a National Abortion Rights Action League intern.

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