To the Daily:

Top students on campus can be found in all colleges

In the Statement Wednesday, the Daily’s “Students of the year” (03/26/2008) featured 10 student leaders who work tirelessly to improve the world around them. They have all made strides in their fields, both literally and figuratively. They all deserve recognition for the difference they have made on campus. They are also all LSA students.

Was the Daily unable to see leadership in Rackham Graduate School? Was there no one to recognize from the Business School? There weren’t any Engineering students, Social Work students, Art and Design students or Nursing students who made the cut? It seems ludicrous that the College of Literature, Science and the Arts could be the only school producing notable leaders.

While the students spotlighted Wednesday certainly earned their small acknowledgment, I can’t help but feel that the Daily has completely overlooked the other 19 schools, colleges and departments that make up the University. What about the rest of us?

Courtenay Holscher

Engineering junior

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