Cotner’s column offensively worded, too graphic


To the Daily:

I am writing to express my feelings upon Steve Cotner’s
column (War Porn, 09/07/04) in which the first few
paragraphs too explicitly describe the horrible ordeals of war
prisoners. I do not think it was necessary to describe these
things, and I suggest more careful editing for your audience.

I suggest you edit expletives from your newspaper. I ran into at
least six expletives in the articles, and I was disappointed by the
low standard of speech used to express opinions.

I was also disappointed by the crass editorials presented on the
editorial page. I ask the writers to represent basic decency and
moral values. There is so much good on the University campus on
which to focus. Let us hear more of the good things happening.

In closing, I again urge you to promote decency and moral
values. After reading your newspaper yesterday, I decided to never
read it again because the sickened feeling I felt after reading
several of the articles was not worth the tidbits of information I
learned about the world and community.

I know my feelings mirror those of at least 200 families in
University Housing, as I am part of a religious group who value
virtuous standards and shun degrading communication.

Angela Jacob

Family Housing resident


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