In regards to the recent visit to the University by Bill Ayers (At event, Ayers pushes renewed activisim, 01/27/2009), the University should be ashamed to have Ayers speak anywhere on campus. I, for one, am discouraged by the mere thought of having that kind of despicable human being given any sort of medium through which to speak.

Ayers is a deplorable person and an unrepentant terrorist, yet people continue to let him speak out on any number of topics. It is a disgrace. Whatever good he claims he is doing for education or political activism is negated by his radical, anti-American and hateful history and belief system. He is capitalizing on his reignited notoriety from the campaign season and his alleged affiliation with Barack Obama.

It is embarrassing that this school would dare let this man and his equally repugnant wife speak here. The leftist fanaticism on this campus is rampant and disturbing on many levels. Ayers is just one example. I believe University administrators would feel differently if Ayers had bombed Angell Hall or the Union instead of the Pentagon, New York City Police Headquarters and the US Capitol Building.

Shame on you Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and whoever at this school gave them a platform.

Andrew Lorelli
LSA senior

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