Amy Munslow’s article on a recent development in artificial bone marrow research was both concise and informative (‘U’ prof. helps develop artificial bone marrow, 01/16/2009). It was the type of article that I would like to see more of in the Daily. As the inhabitants of the world strive to keep pace with exponentially advancing scientific knowledge, it becomes increasingly important to report on new developments in science with vigor and a critical eye.

But despite their importance, coverage of these events occurs with a relatively low frequency in print. There’s not even a way to search for science articles on the Daily’s website. The Daily seems concerned with making sure all races, genders and sexual orientations are represented both in the make-up of the staff and in the stories written. But what about representing the diversity of academic inclinations? The topics the Daily covers should reflect the University as a whole, and it is unacceptable to leave out the science community.

Arikia Millikan

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