All individual dwelling units and rooming units other than owner
occupied dwelling units shall be equipped with the following
minimum security devices:

(a) All windows and doors to the exterior of a dwelling unit
shall have locking devices.

(b) All swinging exterior doors which are at grade or otherwise
accessible from the exterior of the dwelling unit shall have
deadbolt locks meeting the following specifications:

A lock shall be so constructed that the bolt shall be retracted
by the action of a single inside knob, thumb turn, or lever.

A lock must be capable of being deadlocked (not spring loaded)
from the interior and by an exterior key or combination device.

Exception: Fire escape doors do not require an exterior key or
combination device.



Owner’s entry into a leased dwelling unit. The owner of a
rental, rooming or dwelling unit shall not enter a leased unit
unless the following conditions have been met:

(a) The entry is permitted by the terms of the lease.

(b) A good faith effort has been made to notify the tenant in

(c) The owner has knocked on the door and announced the
owner’s presence at the time of entry and

(d) The entry has not been refused by a tenant.

In the alternative, an owner may enter a leased unit if such
entry is permitted by the lease and if the owner complies with the
requirements of subsection (3).

Before leaving the rental unit, the owner shall clean up any
dirt or debris from repairs or other activities of the owner and
shall lock the unit.

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