UPDATE: This story has been updated to include an interview with LEO President Bonnie Halloran.

Officials from the University and the Lecturers’ Employment Organization have reached an agreement over the employment of the LEO Vice President Kirsten Herold.

Herold, who worked as a lecturer at the University for 18 years, was not reappointed to her position last spring, effectively terminating her employment from the University. The non-reappointment came during contract negotiations between the University and LEO and prompted a formal grievance to be filed.

However, in a joint press release issued Monday, LEO and University officials announced that the issue has been resolved and that Herold will be returning to work at the University.

Herold will not return to her post as a lecturer in LSA’s English Department, but will work as a communications specialist in the University’s Career Center.

In an interview with The Michigan Daily on Tuesday, University spokesman Rick Fitzgerald stressed the grievance was resolved independently of LEO contract negotiations.

Fitzgerald explained Herold’s position with the Career Center as a one-year appointment to a full-time staff position where Herold will make approximately the same amount in her new position as she did in the English Department.

Fitzgerald said, among other duties, Herold will assist students in preparing for graduate school and employment applications and interviews, will help the Career Center with outreach efforts and marketing and will assist the Division of Student Affairs in preparing written materials.

“It’s a position that’s important to the work of the Career Center,” Fitzgerald said.

In an interview with The Michigan Daily, LEO President Bonnie Halloran said Herold was very excited for her new position with the Career Center.

“Dr. Herold is very happy that she’s still going to be employed at the University,” Halloran said. “She’s very happy about the job she’s going to have in Career Services; the job makes use of her many talents.”

Asked by the Daily, Halloran said she doesn’t have any concerns about the position only being for a one-year appointment, simply responding, “No.”

The Daily has learned that responses from both the University and the LEO may have been limited due to a confidentiality agreement signed by both parties at the resolution of the grievance.

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