The Michigan League Underground has always been a haven for up-and-coming bands and University events, and this Saturday is no different. The University”s chapter of Alternative Spring Break (ASB), a group within Project SERVE, uses music as its refuge this Saturday when it will host a “Battle of the Bands” benefit concert to raise money for its 2002 spring break trip.

With the goal of serving those in need while offering students the chance to explore the culture of places outside Ann Arbor, ASB is bringing together five student bands: “Red Edison,” “Blue Delusion,” “Lipsonnet,” “Oblivian” and “The Undergarments,” to unwittingly battle for not only the win over each other, but even more for the pleasure of their audience. Students can support any or all of these bands while giving money to a program that will use that money to help others.

With past projects such as helping AIDS patients in New York, working with the Sioux nation in South Dakota and non-violence programs right here in Michigan, ASB is striving to help others, but they can only do that with the willing help of the students involved. Tickets are $5 and all proceeds go to ASB.

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