“Disaster Movie”
At the Quality 16 and Showcase

.5 stars

“Disaster Movie,” an astute title, is actually a polite understatement. But that’s only because a more apt title, like “Worst Movie Ever Made,” would be a tough sell at Showcase.

The storyline hinges on a mash-up of the most well-known moments of summer’s biggest hits (and, for some reason, “Alvin and the Chipmunks”), but also contains a sliver of unoriginal plot ― mainly the world is ending, and Will (Matt Lanter) and his friends must try to stop the inevitable.

Yes, this film is a horrendous failure on many levels. But really, was there ever any doubt of that? Not a single laugh can be found here ― not one. Some may argue this is not meant to be an award-winning film, but “Disaster Movie” is an insult to stupid comedies everywhere. It’s a film made not only for the brainless, but by the brainless.

Spoof movies have become the lowest form of comedy available today, beginning with the spectacularly bad “Date Movie” and only sliding downhill from there. “Disaster Movie” may just be the worst of the bunch and hopefully the last. The real disaster here would be actually contributing any money toward this piece of junk.

Like the elephant at the end of the parade of what was arguably a great summer for film, this movie is loud, ungainly and, of course, it stinks.

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