The most frustrating thing about modern horror films is the inability or unwillingness of filmmakers to be original. Instead, they reuse ancient gags and remake series that were never great in the first place. This tendency continues in “Seed of Chucky,” the fifth installment in the “Child’s Play” series.

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Need some wood? (Courtesy of Rogue Pictures)

In the latest edition, killer doll Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif, “Blue Velvet”) and his wife, Tiffany (voiced by Jennifer Tilly, “Bound”), are reanimated in Hollywood by their long-lost son, Glen (Billy Boyd, “Lord of the Rings”). The reunited group hatches a scheme to enter the bodies of the real Jennifer Tilly and rapper Redman and become a real family, at the cost of a bit of murder and mayhem.

“Seed of Chucky” is the fifth chapter in a series that’s never been worth watching, which is simply the first of many indictments against it. Director Don Mancini, who wrote the previous four editions, follows the same drab formula throughout the film. He follows up some schlocky, unfunny comedy with unconvincing and repetitive violence, while coupling the murders with cringe-worthy punchlines. This continues for the film’s 90 minute duration, only interrupted by some clich

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