On a late Saturday night, you may find yourself in the arms of a fuzzily focused yet still beautiful stranger. Or you might be popping another bag of extra salty popcorn. But have you ever found yourself walking along the shelves at the Media Union? And if you”re wondering where this place is, it”s where all those big blue buses are head for North Campus.

Paul Wong
The Media Union is an relatively unknown campus hotspot.<br><br>YENA RYU/Daily

The Media Union is a beautiful structure, with a vast library and many computers workstations it”s also opened 24 hours.

On this particular early Sunday morning or late Saturday night, depending how you look at it, you”d see dedicated students sitting hunched over their textbooks sipping on decomposing cups of mocha latte.

But you”d also notice the boy wearing a blue cap, snoozing on one of the couches. After poking him a few times, you”d asked where his own bed might be he”d replied with a croaky voice that he just got sleepy while studying. He opened his “Discrete Math and Applications” textbook and placed it flatly on his chest and resumed his sleeping. He had left his dorm for some peace and quiet.

Quiet maybe, but peace? Take for example what”s going on in one of the soundproof study rooms. Through the narrow window you”d see five pajama-wearing girls expressing themselves via arm movements. They were discussing issues, roommate issues of the worst kind. They needed to solve the problem of the bossy roommate and until then, they will stay in the group study room. The issue must have been urgent and important because it only could be solved in the Media Union.

Moving swiftly away down the shelves, you”d see a few on the computers. One exhausted student had just come back from a party on central campus. “After a party, I like to get away. Socialization is concentrated too much on party-like interaction. I can never be myself at those things.” He, (who would like to remain vague partier) continued typing away as he spoke. He was logged on the Madonna fan club chat room. “Oh that, I”m just a really big fan after I saw her in concert.” Ah- huh.

It”s always easy to distinguish between the late night visitors writing a term paper worth 50percent of their semester grade and those playing solitaire. One of the latter was sitting back, one hand cupped over the mouse, his other arm behind his chair. Staring into the illuminated screen, he barely knew anyone was near. “I dunno. I like to play it.” Reaching for h is loose metallic watch, he uttered, “Oh, it”s kinda late.”

Walking away from the building, some conclusions were reached. Don”t procrastinate or you”ll end up here. Unless of course your life thrills include study plunges into the weekend nights. It also becomes obvious that not everyone”s out on a Saturday night.

Some prefer the fluorescent lights over the annoying strobe lights. Some just don”t like their beds. Some people may be here simply because they can. Such as that one day you found yourself at Meijer”s in the middle of night, why? Because you desperately needed Beyer”s ice cream.

So the next time you realize that you keep adjusting your pillow, your Pajama”s are all twisted up, and you can not reach that state of suspended consciousness you desire, get out of bed and go meet the engaging people at the Media Union.

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