On one level, it seems unfair to evaluate Wellwater Conspiracy’s self-titled fourth album as anything other than a well-funded side project, an over-hyped jam session that may never have made it out of earshot were it not for the wild respective successes of the band’s lead singer and guitarist. And indeed, frontman Matt Cameron (known elsewhere as a drummer – formerly of grunge legends Soundgarden and currently of grunge legends Pearl Jam) and guitarist John McBain (Monster Magnet) have lots of money and little to prove. Fortunately, they also have talent.

Mira Levitan

Swirling with solid riffs and trippy undercurrents, Wellwater Conspiracy blends the flannel and the psychedelic in ways that will surprise and impress even the most cynical listener. From the quirky and melodic “Galaxy 265,” to the deep, dark “Dresden Overture,” to the truly bizarre cover of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “Something in the Air,” the album is strong, eclectic and more than worthy of the hype.

Rating: 4 stars.





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