If the members of the Michigan women’s golf team have
weaknesses, they’re determined not to show them.

With Kathy Teichert — the 1996 Big Ten co-Coach of the
Year — at the team’s helm for her 12th season, and six
players consistently shooting scores under 75, the women are
already calling themselves “the team to beat.”

The Wolverines’ athletic ability may be impressive, but
their team chemistry is just as prominent.

“We’re a team that really supports each
other,” senior captain Laura Olin said. “The atmosphere
is great because we have the same interests but our personalities
are different — they feed off of each other.”

Freshman Isabelle Gendreau of Quebec felt the compelling team
unity at her very first practice under the guidance of

“In high school, we never practiced together,”
Gendreau said. “But the players here are always supporting
each other, and I love the unique spirit.”

“We’re a tight unit,” senior co-captain Amy
Schmucker said.

“We know each other so well that we finish each
other’s sentences.”

This special bond has prevailed to lead them to improvement.

Olin and Schmucker remember a time when the team lacked focus
and harmony.

“I think this team has the best work ethic I’ve seen
in my four years being here,” Olin said. “We’ve
definitely evolved.”

According to Olin, Michigan hasn’t been this deep in

The women really push each other to improvement, and with
Gendreau off to a strong start, the seniors seem aware that they
have some competition.

“This team has definitely grown over the years,”
Schmucker said.

“We have fun. However, on the golf course, our seriousness
brings us closer … I’ve never gone to practice one day
without wanting to be there.”

The Wolverines’ diligence has brought them late nights on
the golf course and gruesome 36-hole marathon days. But, the
team’s hard work has paid off.

And, according to sophomore Brianna Broderick, it hasn’t
been easy.

“Golf is difficult because there are different types of
swings and the game is mental,” Broderick said.

Even with differences in technique, the team has successfully
worked together to find the confidence needed to win.

After winning the Lady Northern Invitational by four strokes
last weekend, and the Big Ten Championship last season, the
Wolverines expect to continue their success with another victory
this weekend at the Spartan Invitational in East Lansing.

“People don’t expect much out of us, but this
weekend, even without home team advantage, we’re the team to
beat,” Schmucker said.

“This weekend, we’ll show them we’re
different,” Olin said.

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