“Have you ever had sex in your parents’
bed?” “Have you ever had sex in the shower?”
“Are you wearing a thong right now?”
These are just
a few of the sample questions that Pure Romance specialist Dana
Heitz poses to break the ice between guests at her in-home romance

Janna Hutz
Choose your own adventure. (ASHLEY HARPER/Daily)

Whether you’re looking to heat up a bachelorette party or
gather the girls for a night of guaranteed amusement, these sex-toy
parties aim to encourage sexual pleasure both with and without a
partner. A recent University graduate, Heitz has since joined the
nationwide Pure Romance Corp. that coordinates romance parties to
encourage women to feel more comfortable in their relationships
behind closed doors.

“I think what I’m doing is great because (the
parties) empower women to make us feel more comfortable with our
sexuality. They also help to make us more independent
sexually,” said Heitz.

Informing guests that she will explain “what it is, where
to put it and what it does,” Heitz comes armed to the
designated party with boxfuls of both kinky and G-rated products to
spice up any night. Products like “Lickety Stiff,”
“Nympho Niagra” and the linen spray “Between the
Sheets” are all part of the Pure Romance Intimate Collection
and can help enhance stimulation in the obvious and not-so-obvious
pleasure zones.

To help familiarize guests with her exciting, nontraditional sex
products, Heitz offers hands-on exposure to those who so desire it.
As a professional consultant, she performs a somewhat extended
version of “show and tell” by showcasing her supply of
unique vibrators, scented lubricants and other orgasm-inspiring
toys. And for those of you who prefer to think visually, colorful
diagrams and illustrations from the hit books “Tickle Your
Fancy” or “Toygasms” offer guidance to different
positions and techniques … in bed.

Some non-run-of-the-mill items include tested creams to help
women speed up or slow down the timing of their boyfriend’s
orgasm. These products, called heighteners and prolongers,
respectively, are a surefire way to show your loved one who really
wears the pants in the relationship.

While some of her products may be more suited for the advanced
sex fiend, Dana offers a host of beginner and non-sex-related
goods. With everything from sensual pillow mists and soothing bath
bubbles to “cock”tail sippers and feather teasers,
there is something for the whole family. Products range in price
from $3 (the “world’s smallest condom”) to $125
(the “impulse” vibrator).

“One of the nicest things about hosting a Pure Romance
party is that guests get the products brought right to them,”
said Heitz.

In addition to learning about and sampling Heitz’s
products, partygoers can expect to play “dirty” games
and enjoy the opportunity to win prizes. The “Blind
Man’s Penis,” for example, encourages guests to draw a
penis to the best of their ability while balancing a sheet of paper
on their head. The maker of the most accurate sketch is awarded a
free gift, but all contestants ultimately walk away with an
excellent piece of refrigerator art.

“I think the parties are fun and that all girls should do
it,” said Emily Schwartz, a senior in the School of Art and
Design. After experiencing her first Pure Romance party, Emily said
she would now consider hosting one of her own.

Throwing your own romance party offers even more benefits than
simply attending the get together. The Pure Romance Consultant will
share 10 percent of that evening’s sales with the hostess
which can be then be used towards any product from the Romance
Collection. A surprise mini sex gift will also be given as a means
of showing appreciating for the party’s hostess. And just to
make sure that everyone goes home a winner, complimentary colored
penis pens are distributed to each guest (batteries not

One anonymous guest said, “I didn’t really know what
to expect and was mostly dragged to the party. But it ended up
being really fun and less awkward than I thought it would be. I
liked the fact that you could learn about the products in a
comfortable setting without feeling weird about it, as you might
like in a sex store.”

While these Pure Romance Parties really are all fun and games,
their main goal is to help with “relationship
enhancement” regardless of age, Heitz acknowledged, who has
held parties for women as old as 86.

LSA senior Ji-In Lee said, “I think girls should make
pleasure a high priority in sex because it’s not something we
usually do.”

Those interested in putting the “O” in romance can
visit www.pureromanceparties.com to book a party, receive a
catalogue or just to learn more about how you can improve your sex
life. At Pure Romance Parties By Dana, anything goes. There is, of
course, one small rule: No boys allowed.









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