5. George Clooney – So maybe gorgeous George is a few years past his studly “ER” stint. No matter – he’s aging with class. Case in point: His new release “Good Night, and Good Luck,” one of the most thoughtful, well-constructed films of the year. He served as writer, director and – what the hell – supporting actor, too. Smarts and style? Yes, please.

Sarah Royce
(Courtesy of FOX)


4. ‘Arrested Development’ on DVD – Run out and pick up the newly released second season on DVD to relive the magic: Tobias in blueface, Gob and Michael’s perpetual daddy issues and all the continual family dysfunction. Good sitcoms may occasionally make references to former jokes – this show is so good, it refers to future ones. The more you watch, the more you love it.


3. Corn Mazes – Haven’t got lost in one yet this fall? Why the hell not? Especially with the Halloween weekend fast-approaching and most local mazes going haunted for the occasion. Throw in some fresh cider, a hayride and a healthy dose of apple-picking, and you’ve got yourself the perfect fall tradition.


2. Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet -Ferrell’s “SNL” version of the self-important cheeseball crooner may have debuted a while ago, but I’ve just rediscovered him courtesy of DVD. All you Ferrell haters out there – prepare to be converted. You can’t quite appreciate the lyrical genius of Sisco until you’ve seen an aging hipster lounge sing his way through “The Thong Song.”


1. ifilm.com’s ‘Shining’ Trailer – It takes one very sick mind to pair Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” with a Peter Gabriel soundtrack, but that’s the combination in this minute-long trailer available at ifilm.com. Following the typical movie-trailer format, Jack Nicholson’s classic horror film gets the modern Hollywood treatment in its rebirth as “Shining,” a warm-hearted family drama. Bottom line: You’ll never again underestimate the power of editing.

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