Julian Casablancas (vocals)

The Raven: Julian has drawn comparisons to venerable
Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed. Reed may have White
Light/White Heat, but Julian looks better in a retro T.

Stridex, please: Sure, imitating the godfather of punk is
a great gig, but those breakouts can be so embarrassing!

Nikolai Fraiture (bass)

Here’s to you, mighty wingman: Having a bunch of
good-looking friends is great, but sometimes the ladies leave you

Love those eighth notes, baby: Nikolai may be the quiet
one, but his sturdy lower frequencies keep the hotties in

Albert Hammond Jr. (guitar)

Hair-raising experience: Albert’s frizzy ‘do may seem a
fashion faux paus, but those curly locks may just be the secret to
his sexy guitar magic.

Those are bad for your health, you know: Albert may look
great with a Stratocaster, but we dare you to find a picture of him
without a cigarette in his mouth. A bachelor with yellow teeth?
Good luck Al!

Fabrizio Moretti (drums)

First Crush: Fab and girlfriend Drew Barrymore are New
York’s hot couple! The lovebirds are often seen carousing the
city’s hottest venues. So hip!

Little drummer boy: We know drumming is an aerobic
exercise, but yeesh! Get your man a burger, Drew.

Nick Valensi (guitar)

Naughty, naughty: Nick reportedly blew several amplifiers
trying to find the perfect tone for “12:51.” We hope you’re a handy
man, Nick!

The cute one: Though he has a tendency to wear tapered
jeans, Nick’s chic, messy hair and those oh-so-high cheek bones
make him a favorite with the band’s many female fans.

– Compiled by Andrew M. Gaerig



















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