Prior to signing with indie giant Sub Pop, Kinski had been putzing around the Northwest making pleasant, if unspectacular instrumental rock. On their third full-length, Airs Above Your Station, Kinski finally starts to sound like the fire breathing guitar monster they’ve been hailed as.

Todd Weiser

Indeed, “Schedule for Using Pillows & Beanbags” and “Semaphore” contain enough paint-peeling feedback and rhythmic thrust to rattle speakers, and enough stomp box abuse to keep the headphones buzzing. Problems, however, persist: the band still wears its influences on a giant, flashing neon sign (SONIC YOUTH! MOGWAI!), and the slower passages will wear on even the staunchest post-rock veterans. Kinski, however, draw just enough energy from their sick guitar indulgence to make their mark on a stagnant instrumental rock scene.

Rating: 3 Stars

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