It was a chilly night outside Hill Auditorium Saturday, but inside it was warm with adoration for the King Singers. At least at first, expectations ran high, seats were filled to the brim and the concert showed all the signs of a pleasurable experience. But despite a few moments of grandeur, the show, as a whole, was flat and not particularly satisfying. 

That isn’t to say the concert was a waste. One highlight, “La Bomba,” captured the attention of the entire audience. The number had an informative introduction to set up the story behind the music. For the first time during the show, the group took a break from its music stands and moved in closer to the audience. The song told the story of a band of sailors on a ship that sinks – who, through divine intervention, find their way to land. In the process they learn a valuable lesson about choosing their associations wisely.

However, “La Bomba” was an exception in the greater scheme of the show. “Taaveti laul” seemed promising when the stage dimmed and the spotlight focused on the singers, but there wasn’t any movement or any real depiction of the story. The collection of songs, intended to take the audience on a musical journey, failed to excite – the energy level simply fell short.

Most of the songs after the intermission were similarly lagging.  Again the group had compelling openers due to riveting setups, but later its shortcomings were revealed through an utter lack of interaction with the audience.

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