As of late, Britney Spears’s Brazilian-waxed, I’ve-carried-two-children, white-girl pudenda has been smeared all over the online gossip sites. TMZ. What Would Tyler Durden Do. Perez Hilton. The Superficial. Multiple blogs. I have seen more photographs of this specific celebrity crotch than I have ever desired to. And, obviously, now I have to talk about it.

It seems like the Daily Arts pop- culture column series can’t go a calendar year without at least one Britney Spears-dedicated installment of multiple, superficial newspaper inches – see Amanda Andrade’s brilliant column on Ms. Spears rapid degeneration (In defense of Britney, 9/19/05). I’ll admit that her “Greatest Hits” music video collection is one of the few DVDs I’ve contributed to my apartment’s entertainment collection – alongside “Reservoir Dogs” and “Quills,” appropriately – but it’s not so much a staff-collective love of Ms. Spears that brings her to the Daily page time and again.

Is it possible not to talk about a pop star when she marries a semi-talented dancer-cum-rapper (and father of two other children) and pops out two kids of her own in a year? Even when she effectively stops touring and making records? Of course, that last bit being what she was once best known for. Well, that and the impossible body best immortalized – along with her optimistic, some would say ignorant, na’vet

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