5.  WMUZ — Located at 103.5 FM on Ann
Arbor’s dial, this station is perfect for locals seeking
upbeat and uplifting Christian tracks. The Praise Company plays the
top hits from 4 PM to 9 PM on Monday thru Friday with personable DJ
Robin Sullivan.

Laura Wong

4.  3-D Display — Sharp is the innovator of a
new technology offering three-dimensional viewing for personal
notebooks without glasses. Relying on retinal disparity in the eye,
two images displayed concurrently are presented to create amazing
images. The notebooks are now available for $3,000, but TVs using
this technology are not far away. Imagine what that means for video
games …

3.  “Days of Our Lives” — The
pinnacle of wacky daytime television, this 36-year-old NBC drama
has intrigued audiences with its latest murder mystery revealing
leading lady Marlena Evans Black as the killer last week. The
storylines haven’t been this exciting since Marlena was
possessed by the devil a decade ago.

2.  The Oscars — Sure, they are a month away,
but that leaves very little time to catch up on an entire year of
cinema before the big night. Plus, watching those long acceptance
speeches will be a lot more fun if you know what they are talking

1.  “Sex and the City” — With only
three episodes left, this TV landmark is wrapping up its sixth
season of steamy scenes and hilarious antics on HBO. Sarah Jessica
Parker put it best in an interview when she said they decided to
end the show while it was still good. The star’s recent win
at the Golden Globes proves “Sex and the City” has the
potential to end its run on top.

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