5. “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge” – Japanese TV
comes to America a la “Iron Chef” in this new ultimate game show on
Spike TV (formerly TNN). Two teams of contestants battle it out in
mental and physical challenges with no prize at stake. The result
is often dangerous but stupidly hilarious.

Mira Levitan
(Courtesy of Nintendo)

4. “Dirty Pretty Things” – A thriller from the director
of “Dangerous Liaisons” starring the beautiful Audrey Tautou
(“Amelie”) with London as the backdrop. It only plays at selected
theatres, but luckily we’re in Ann Arbor.

3. Selena Cross – This Australian singer/songwriter’s
first album, Strip, is a romantic composition of sweet
melodies with varied instrumental accompaniments. The 12 songs are
a welcome addition to collectors looking for upbeat music without
fear of mainstream over saturation by radio stations.

2. “Felicity” Season Two DVD – While sophomore year
wasn’t the best for the college undergrad, this latest set provides
great audio commentaries from the actors. At any rate, it is
something to watch each week instead of the horrible upcoming fall

1. Zelda – Nintendo provides the perfect procrastination
tool in the adventures of an adorable blond boy in a little green
outfit. The amazing graphics of Game Cube’s latest addition to the
series, “The Wind Waker,” seem more like a cartoon than a video
game. Don’t have the new system? Bust out the original, the
addicting adventure and mesmerizing music is a guarantee
distraction from studying.






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